We know engaging and entrusting a team with your home can be a difficult decision but at Shelter Made Projects, we're here to answer all your questions, walk you through the process and approach the project collaboratively. 

Here are some of the most common questions we're asked.

We are yet to engage an architect or designer? Where do we start?

Right at the beginning. Engaging a builder that you can connect with is a great start. We will sit down with you and discuss your ideas and what you are hoping to achieve. From here we can recommend designers or architects to see if there is one that more closely aligns with your goals. Perhaps you may have one that has been recommended or you like their style. Having a team of professionals working together to bring your ideas to life provides a supportive network to make informed decisions. Find out more about our process here.

What are some of the preliminary costs can we expect?

Each project differs in preliminary costs associated with the build or renovation.

  • Design fees – designers and architects have different pricing structures. We can talk to you about this and make recommendations depending on the scope of works.
  • Consultant fees (project dependent) engineer, energy efficiency consultant, soil testing, certifier and town planner.
  • Council fees

We have found a house we would like to buy, what should we consider when deciding to move forward with purchase and our plans?

It is very important to engage the services of an inspector to carry out a build and pest report in the sale process. Be mindful that these reports have an expiry and are based on an inspection limited to what they are able to uncover on the day and time of the inspection. It is worth reviewing property overlay information such as character overlay, bushfire overlays (yes even in Brisbane metro) to assist with your due diligence. We offer a service where Tim can come and inspect the property, review build and pest reporting and provided advice on possibilities, restrictions, and things of note. Find out more about our inspection service here.

What is better to do… Knock down to rebuild or renovate?

In Brisbane, there is no quick answer for this. For many reasons including Council requirements, it may not be possible to knock down to rebuild. On the other hand there are situations where the scope of works and associated costs involved mean that there is greater flexibility in the design and the project is more cost effective overall with a knock down. Considering this and gaining expert advice will help you make this decision. We are there to help educate and provide you with the support to consider all the options available to you. We enjoy a new build just as much as the excitement of bringing a home back to life with a renovation so we will never push an agenda onto you. It is our position that the more information you have, the more data you can collect about what your options are the more likely your ideas and dream home will come to fruition. There are some wonderful people in the industry that are helping homeowners with education and information to help navigate these big decisions. As a start, we highly recommend Peta from Brisbane Town Planning for property specific information and Amelia Lee from the Undercover Architect who works tirelessly to educate and inform people like yourself to navigate the construction industry. Start by taking a look through Amelia’s website and her extensive podcast library.

For more information about our process and services click here.

Which areas do you service?

Whilst most of our projects are situated around inner city and East Brisbane we do service greater Brisbane and surrounds. Get in touch with your project details by filling in our new enquiry form.

More questions? We'd love to hear from you.