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A great home starts with a great team, a collaborative one between client, designer, and builder.

Are you planning a new home or renovation and don’t know where to start?

Feeling overwhelmed about where to begin, who to speak to and which contractor comes first?

We don’t blame you! This industry has certainly created a disconnect where to start in the process. 

We find the best outcome and result comes from a collaborative approach.

So let’s get together, ensure we are the right fit for you and go from there…

Starting with the scope and design. We will discuss your project in detail and provide a concise run down of our process and how we can work together.  

Already familiar with the process? Skip ahead to our Packages and One-Off Services.

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Collaborative Design

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Contract and Prestart Meeting

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Post Build and Handover

The Shelter Made Process




Let’s meet, discuss your project in detail and see if we are the right fit for you. Not dissimilar to choosing a designer or architect, you need to feel we are the right team for the job. It’s your future home and we’ll be working closely each week as we deliver it for you.

It is during this meeting that we provide an insight into our approach to quoting and building. We review your scope of works for initial feedback and providing next step solutions and contacts to get the ball rolling.

Collaborative Design Phase


We offer initial design stage feasibility reporting, working with architects and designers to review initial concepts to provide feedback, cost analysis and recommendations to proceed forward. That way you aren’t left with a set of plans that are beyond your budget and are in line with what you set out to achieve. It is through this process, which we believe, allows you to make informed changes, adjustments or simply give you the confidence to move forward knowing that the design is still on track to align with your goals, budget, and schedule in equal regard.

Contract and Prestart Meeting


We provide a fixed priced contract which has been developed to capture the complete scope of works decided upon. We use and adhere to the Master Builders Association standards provided in their residential contract. During this meeting we will discuss the finer details of the contract including specifications and provisional sums to ensure everything is captured for you. A prestart meeting will also confirm a commencement date, and program to ensure you are aware of the project timeline and required details specific to your project.

Build (and Construct)


Each project is currently overseen by our director Tim Wall. We work with a trusted group of contractors so as the job progresses you will start to see some familiar faces on site. Generally, our contractors have been working on many of our sites together for many years which helps to ensure a smooth integration between their work.

An insight into our working relationship during this stage usually consists of a weekly site meeting with you. Additional meetings may occur with architect/ designer and contractors.  This allows milestones to be noted as well as updates and information to be provided. This proactive communication is key to a project’s success.

Post Build and Handover


Our ultimate goal of any project we do is to provide our clients with a high level of craftsmanship, service and support throughout the build and beyond.

As we approach the handover we coordinate the finishing details and correct defects highlighted. It is also during this phase that we coordinate required certification, warranties and requirements for insurance purposes.

As a commitment to getting you settled into your new home we offer handover services as part of our standard process. This can include for example installation of clothes lines, appliances, provide access to interior designers, and furniture delivery.   

We are there for our clients long after we have handed back the keys and pride ourselves on being available and supportive to ensure your home is one to enjoy for many years to come.

Working through the pre-build process was transparent and collaborative, making us excited rather than daunted to renovate our new home.

Kerrie , Manly Client

Consultative Quoting Packages

We offer a holistic approach to supplement the initial design phase with designers and architects. We believe this collaborative approach provides you with the confidence to move forward with your new build or renovation knowing that the design reflects your needs and wishes and your budget is maintained to see it come to fruition. It is dishearteningly common for completed plans to sit on the shelf with the build never getting out of the ground. Clients find themselves having spent thousands with months or even years ticking by only to be left with “where to from here?”. We have seen firsthand how disappointing and stressful this can be, and we have been part of a situation more than once where we have come in post this to made recommendations so that the design can be reworked or scrapped and redesigned to ensure it aligns with their budget.

Depending on where we come on board we offer:


Early design concept analysis + cost analysis

Ideal for:

New builds

Larger renovations

House raise + build under projects

Depending on the scope of works and level of input required this can involve sitting in on design and site meetings, liaising with designers and other contractors such as Engineers, Certifiers and Town Planners. Included but not limited to:

  • Site review and scope recommendations to brief designer or architect.

  • Early concept stage preliminary cost analysis.

  • Second phase cost analysis which captures further specifications with the design such as finishes and fixtures.

  • Final comprehensive fixed price quote which captures all your design wishes to proceed to build stage.

Generally, this package is suited to larger renovations, house raise and build under projects as well as new builds. Price on application, tailored to your project.

Final design stage quoting

Ideal for:

Smaller scale renovations through to larger projects

This suits those projects that have finalised their plans and ready to move to the tender stage, or will include smaller scale renovations such as bathrooms, kitchen and deck builds.

  • A meeting to discuss the plans in detail capturing level of finishes, specifications, and requirements of the build.

  • Detailed comprehensive fixed price quote which captures all your design wishes to proceed to build stage.

Price starting from $150 for smaller scale renovations such as bathrooms, kitchens, deck extensions and $300 for larger projects. P.O.A

Ready to get started? We can't wait to hear from you.


One-Off Services

Pre-purchase inspection


Interested in a property and would like some expert advice regarding the land, house to renovate or potential for either? Extend your due diligence to discuss any issues that have arisen in the build and pest report or local Council searches. Tim, will meet you on site to have a walk through, answer questions you may have, provide advice and review the build and pest as well as any other reporting you may have.

A detailed report will be provided so that you have on hand the details of the site meeting to help make an informed decision about the purchase. This could even assist with contract negotiations with the owner.

Inspection quotes

Starting from $150

Have a situation in your home that requires attention and need expert advice to assess the extent of the damage or problem? Perhaps you have noticed a water leak, potential termite damage, timber rot as examples. Tim will conduct a site visit and inspect the situation and discuss the problems on site with you. A follow up report and quote for remedy work will be provided which can be used for insurance purposes.

To schedule an inspection, please reach out to us below.