Salvaging Timber

We love incorporating custom and bespoke touches within our builds and renovations. One way you can do this is by using salvaged timber either obtained during demolition, or sourcing it from one of the many recycled timber yards. I have noted a few of our favourites in Brisbane at the end of this post.

The hardwood you can source from traditional and post war homes is incredible stable and climatised, having been in situ for many years already. Not only is using the salvaged timber a sustainable choice, it is one that allows you to add character in a cost-effective way. In many of our renovations you will see an incorporation of redressed salvaged timber we have been able to source on site.

Oregon timber kitchen floating shelves as seen in our Allambie project.

Bespoke timber sliding barn door, perfect for our Anstead acreage property.

This salvaged timber came directly from old roof trusses onsite. Stripped down and repurposed for this children’s cubby house balustrade.

Old hardwoods studs and battens, stripped and repurposed here at our Allambie project, made for a unique entry arbour for Bougainvillea to grow up over.

Sourcing salvaged timber

If you can gain timber from the demo stage of your project fantastic. Alternatively, if you have something specific in mind, you can visit one of the following which are often our go to picks. These are all Brisbane based, but search salvaged timber yard on Google to find one near you.